These plants are native to Madagascar, Brazil and Southeast Asia. They are grown for their clusters of tiny, colourful flowers and attractive, shiny green foliage.  The blooms, which come in red, white, pink, orange and yellow, will last anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Plants will grow to a height of 15-30cm high.

Kalanchoe is available all year round, with the popularity peaking from March through September. Kalanchoe is one of the easiest houseplants to care for and would be perfect for people that tend to forget to water their plants, as it likes the soil to be on the dry side.
It prefers bright, but indirect light in a warm environment. In fact, if the flowers look pale or bi-coloured, the plant is not getting enough light.

Many people choose to throw out the plant after it is done flowering, but it can re-bloom with a bit of time and patience. Cut off the flowering head and let the plant rest for about a month. Then give it at least 12-14 hours of continuous darkness followed by 10 hours of bright light for 6 weeks to develop buds. Reduce the watering and feeding during this time. Once the buds have formed, the plant can resume its normal light conditions.