Smudging (the practice of burning herbs) is arguably as old as humans are. It can be a spiritual tool to cleanse and re-set negative energy in your home & has been proven to kill airborne bacteria & mold spores. However, plants like white sage are sacred to indigenous cultures & have recently become endangered due to unethical harvesting. Good news is plants like lavender and rose are potent and plentiful!

Burning lavender can relieve anxiety, headaches, & clear mental fog by increasing circulation in the brain. It’s energetics are naturally cleansing & cooling. 

For thousands of years, people and roses have tended to each other. Their fragrant blooms can be a gentle remedy for depression & have historically been gifted as tokens of love. Each petal is like a tiny cup waiting to hold whatever emotional knots have become tangled in your heart. 

Lavender + Rose Bundle


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