Money Tree Bonsai

Money Tree Bonsai


Kokedama is a 2,000 year old Japanese art form! In Japan,the beauty of transience and imperfection is called "wabi-sabi". Its an aesthetic principle that celebrates the irregular, intimate, and modest forms of nature.


Place the Money tree indoors in a very bright spot, preferably a window facing south. The plant needs high humidity, so if you’d like it to sit, put it on a tray with wet gravel and frequently mist the foliage. During summer you can place the money tree outside in a sunny place in the garden or on a balcony, as long as the temperatures don't drop under 54° F. Watering: Let the soil get dry before watering thoroughly. Overwatering will damage the root system. Soak the ball once a week for 5 minutes in room temperature water (rainwater is best and free!!) or whenever it feels lightweight. Feeding: The money tree likes good fertilizing to grow vigorously. Use a liquid fertilizer every week from spring to mid autumn. In spring you can use a product with a more nitrogen, in summer a fertilizer with a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and in autumn one with less nitrogen. Pruning and wiring: Strong pruning is recommended in late winter. The money tree will respond with vigorous growth in the following spring. For maintenance pruning, cut back to one or two pairs of leaves. Strong and healthy plants can also be defoliated. When you wire the money tree, take care to remove the wire in time and not let the wire bite into the soft bark.

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