Taylor grew up in Miami, Fl and then moved to Tennessee for high school and college. He was a biology and psychology major at UTC and was actively involved in the campus arboretum. From there, Taylor developed a love for ancient methods of botanical design and became self-taught in the art of Kokedama, terrariums, Wabi-kusa, etc. Taylor stayed on an off-grid sustainability homestead (Wild Cat Creek in FL) and further learned/developed more skills. May 2016, Taylor started Sacred Harvest in hopes of inspiring others to connect back to our Earth and has never been happier finding an outlet for his passion!


Summer grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and then moved to Chattanooga after school. In 2017, she joined the Sacred Harvest team and found her passion creating terrariums, making mushroom/herbal tinctures, finding natural ways to heal others, and helping inspire people to connect and give back to our Earth!